Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Back in the saddle!

I am so happy to be back working with customers on Lotus Notes development projects!  My 5 years at Teamstudio was a terrific experience (and I would have paid them to do what I did).  But I mostly worked with other developers, and they were always afraid I was trying to sell them something.  But honestly, having worked with Notes for as long as I have, I know the short-comings and why you need tools like Teamstudio, Ytria, Panagenda, etc.  And the prior 7 years I worked for another vendor that nobody heard of which is why I stopped working there.  We sold a very targeted product and were only talking to customers to get them to buy something.

But now, I am back to doing projects that people actually want.  And people are very creative!   And having   had to deal with the state of the economy the last several years, everybody is trying to do more with less.  Everybody has that one little tweak that will solve a whole bunch of headaches.  And those are the kind of challenges I relish.  So, I am back in business.  Contact me if you want another opinion!

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