Wednesday, August 28, 2013

And the correct answer is...

Last time I wrote about Designer Help.  One reader correctly pointed out that if I wasn't so lazy, I just had to add the word 'formula' to my search string.  An even better answer came from Julian Robichaux at his session at MWLug last week.  It is to set the search scope.

It is not real intuitive, but click the link, select 'Search only the following topics', click 'New', name your list, and select only the stuff you want.  I always wondered how items for Workbench and Sametime showed in my search results.

Monday, August 19, 2013

This is not a trick!

Go to Help Contents with your Social Edition designer client and enter '@Member' into the search box.  The old, familiar, formula language reference is the 15th entry on the third page!  And why did I notice this?  I use Help all the time.  I mean, does the value or stringlist come first?  Depends on the function.  And whats the difference between @IsMember and @Member?  If I had to remember all this, I might not have room to remember my wife's cell phone number, which is pretty important.

So have you noticed the reformatting of the help file?  It looks like a lot of work went into this, but I wish they spent more time improving the run time error handling engine.  I mean, really - "Object variable not set"? Can you please tell me what variable?  And they same for "Type mismatch".  Although I do this so often I tend to find this pretty quickly.  And here is where the help files could be improved - the examples are too simplified.  They use constants in a lot of places where real developers might use a variable.

And I know everyone is focusing on xPages, but I still work with a lot of clients that have traditional Notes apps, and need to have small changes or even big fixes.  So, I still use help on a regular basis so I appreciate any changes, and keep them coming.